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Two years ago on an assignment, the photographer Brian Bowen Smith was traveling to Germany for the first time. And while other visitors would head straight to a Biergarten or to the Brandenburg Gate, the first thing Brian did, was to borrow a surfboard from a local, jump into the Munich Eisbach river and surf the infamous wave. A privilege that even pro-surfer Kelly Slater wasn’t granted (by the local surf scene). This little episode pretty much describes Brian perfectly. He’s the epitome of a true Californian, hyper energetic, super friendly and always in high spirits. Born and raised in New York, Brian became a professional photographer assisting the late Herb Ritts. The legendary photographer became a friend and mentor, helping Brian to find his personal photographic style. Brian has been working ever since publishing his work in major publications around the globe. When Brian’s not shooting, you will find him surfing, snowboarding or riding his motorcycle. Brian lives in Los Angeles with his wife and young son. His exhibition ‚Metallic Life‘ will be shown at De Re Gallery in West Hollywood Oct. 22nd – Nov 19th.

1. Wie würdest du dich selbst beschreiben?

2. Was inspiriert dich?

3. Was oder wo ist der Ort deiner Träume?

4. Zeigst du uns deine Lieblingsschuhe?

5. Was ist Luxus für dich?

6. Was brauchst du zum Fotografieren?

7. Was hast du vor 20 Jahren gemacht?

8. Hast du Leichen im Keller?

9. Was bringt dich zum Lachen?

10. Was ist das Wichtigste in deinem Kühlschrank?

11. Was erzeugt bei dir Gänsehaut?

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